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As Indigofriends, at our core, we design a collaborative approach and meet and greet global citizens who have a passion to transform themselves and the world.  


Indigofriends is where minds alike collaborate on projects and action plans to revive the fashion and the denim industry with forward-thinking creativity.

Indigofriends comes with 3 decades of hands-on experience in the manufacturing, designing, marketing and sales of denim on a global scale and offers a platform solution to evolve. Having access to global platforms and network of specialists Indigofriends thrives with and is inspired by the collective creative and intellectual power and has the ability to cross-link dynamic individual efforts with each other as well as to brands and manufacturers.

At Indigofriends we inspire and challenge our stakeholders to work and have fun with an open mind and challenge themselves to make the world a better place for all. 

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Recognized as a daring change leader and innovator of creative platforms as well as social missions Ebru has been active in making the denim industry a better place for the past 3 decades.  


She was with Orta Anadolu for 25 years and has led sales, marketing, PD and sustainability operations as well as devising a social missions platform dedicated to creating global awareness of the impact of making conscious manufacturing and purchasing decisions.


Ebru has presented a case where social missions meet corporations in 2012 at the Marketing Summit in Istanbul, joined the Study Hall’s 1st gathering in LA in 2017 as a keynote speaker and was a part of the Transformers 2019 Amsterdam and NY platforms.  Ebru’s attendance to Singularity University in 2016 has inspired her to dream further. 


Ebru founded Indigofriends in 2016 in pursuit of her role as a global facilitator and leader to collaborate and consult on possibilities of abundance, multi-stakeholder and cross-industry innovations where design and emerging technologies meet. She is currently working on sales, marketing and sustainability exposure of Soorty Enterprises out of Pakistan.


Ebru has been practicing yoga for 15 years and has acquired her teacher training in 2011 and co-owned Yogarooms for 3 years where she actively thought classes.  She loves uniting her studies in yoga asana and philosophy to her work.


Ebru considers herself a global citizen, is passionate about indigo and is eagerly committed to make a better version of herself and the world everyday.

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