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We enable truly open innovation with transformative power to implement change, create actionable solutions and positively disrupt the textile industry.


We help you create exponential value and realize a more sustainable future.



What we do


I am a cotton farmer’s daughter and have dimmed memories of dreaming of snow in the sizzling hot weather in Adana, running around cotton crops. The dream was a relief and I was always intrigued by how something grown on the field would be in my clothes. Years later I studied textile engineering and ended up working in denim and jeans for the past 30 years.


I had a heartbreak with cotton when I learned the huge amount of water it consumes when grown conventionally and I was a part of the team who have set out to introduce BCI cotton to the farmers and manufacturers in Turkey. I may have more experience with cotton but that feeling of a curious, excited appreciation of cotton in my clothes remained intact.

Everything is connected, we are connected to our past and future and we have to understand that we have to appreciate how a product ends up on our bodies....we have to support regeneration.

Image by Tijana Drndarski
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